Les différents types de chapeaux en dentelle ou "lace wig cap" 3

The different types of lace hats or "lace wig cap" 3

Hello Hello dear readers! Hope we are all doing great! I wish you this and will always wish you this!

Today we continue the series of lace caps (lace closure or lace wig cap) of our 100% human hair wigs.

We present to you the 360° and the "full lace cap":

The 360° on the right is the equivalent of the circumference of the head occupied by its lace.

As for the "full", on the left, which means full in English, its lace covers almost the entire head.
These two types of laces give the wigs a much more natural appearance, and allow us to braid or style them without any restrictions.

Hope you enjoy! Your opinions interest me! Do not hesitate if you have any questions inbox or Whatsapp +237 693084928

See you next Saturday God bless U!

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