Les  diffents types de "chapeaux en dentelle" ou "lace wig Cap"

The different types of "lace hats" or "lace wig Cap"

Hello, Hello everyone, I hope we are all doing well! I wish you anyway!

Today I'm going to talk about "lace hats" or "lace wig cap", to stay of course, in the context of human hair!

Many people ask us for the prices of wigs or closures, and we tell them that it depends on several parameters, including the size or the dimensions of the lace that is under the locks! And they all answer: "what are you talking about!?"

This is why we decided today to talk to you about lace or lace!

There are several sizes of lace under our 100% Human hair wigs.

  1. Square Laces 4*4 or 5*5 or even 6*6 and very rarely 7*7

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