Les  diffents types de "chapeaux en dentelle" ou "lace wig Cap" 2

The different types of "lace hats" or "lace wig Cap" 2

Hello Hello dear readers! Hope we are all doing great! I wish you anyway!
Today we continue with the theme of lace caps (lace closure or lace wig cap) which are found under our 100% human hair wigs.
I present to you below the laces in the shape of 13*4 and 13*6

As we can see the 13 cm goes from one ear to the other, and the 4 or 6 cm from the forehead to the back. Which gives us a little more leeway when it comes to the parting or the slit, for those who prefer them like me. In addition, we can easily make a bun or a ponytail that will look quite natural.

The rest in our next Saturday article 🤝✍️

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