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Our vision is to share our passion for well-being with our customers. We believe that every woman is unique and that she should take care of herself in order to feel good about herself and about herself. And sometimes it goes through his reflection in the mirror. Does she like what she sees!? A woman who feels beautiful and loved, is more successful in everything she does, she is comfortable in her body and her mind. And therefore she is happy and spreads good humor around her.

Men are not left out, we thought of you too.

Competitive advantage and differentiator

Our competitive advantage is that being herself of ethnic origin, and having followed a training in aesthetics for ethnic (black, mixed race, Asian) and mature skin, the owner of Noevamitch better understands the needs of her prospects and clients.

As a result, Noevamitch has made it its mission to offer quality service and above all personalized products that are truly adapted to the specific needs of people with ethnic skins. Offering a personalized, courteous and fast service is our main motivation. We are also keeping ahead of digital changes in order to adapt to our customers who are both young and enlightened and mature and reserved.

We know that ethnic skins are often prone to acne, oily skin, dull complexion, pigment spots and acne scars, pregnancy mask for women and beard pimples and ingrown hairs for men. ..

Our range of "MATURE" cosmetics has been specially designed to allow men and women of ethnic origin to overcome all these skin problems, without damaging the hydrolipidic barrier of the skin.


Yes it is possible to radiate even with skin problems. Adopting a care routine is essential, with suitable products.


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